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On Environmentalism / Climate Change

We have met the wrong enemy

"...I remember thinking how ironic it was when Greenpeace started using gasoline-powered boats to block oil tankers, or when people drove to protests against oil drilling..." - Interior Secretary and former petroleum engineer Sally Jewell - Western States Petroleum Association representative Frank Holmes, responding to questions about the dramatic increase in catastrophic explosions from oil trains Hypocrisy.

Get Apocalyptic: Why Radical is the New Normal

Feeling anxious about life in a broken-down society on a stressed-out planet? That's hardly surprising: Life as we know it is almost over. While the dominant culture encourages dysfunctional denial-pop a pill, go shopping, find your bliss-there's a more sensible approach: Accept the anxiety, embrace the deeper anguish-and then get apocalyptic.

On Technology / The Future

Why the World Is Better Than Ever-and Will Get Better Still

22,584 22 If you read or watch the news, you'll likely think the world is falling to pieces. Trends like terrorism, climate change, and a growing population straining the planet's finite resources can easily lead you to think our world is in crisis. But there's another story, a story the news doesn't often report.

Looking for a Choice of Voices in A.I. Technology

Do we, for example, associate the stereotypical voice of an English butler - think of Jarvis the computer in "Iron Man" - with a helpful and intelligent person? And why do so many people want to hear a voice that sounds like it came from a younger woman with no discernible accent?

On Feminism / Toxic Masculinity

How girls are finding empowerment through being sad online

Self-proclaimed tragic queen and Instagram artist Audrey Wollen came to our attention last year, marking out her own digital space with Judith Butler/Sailor Moon mash-ups, a twitter account documenting her physical ailments and recreations of renaissance paintings - one of which was the victim of Richard Prince's recent Instagram pillage.

Think It's #NotAllMen? These 4 Facts Prove You're Just Plain Wrong

This article is published with permission and was originally published by EverydayFeminism.com. Let's start here, even though this should go without saying: We don't think that all men are inherently abusive or dangerous. Plenty of men aren't.

On “Political Correctness”

The truth about "political correctness" is that it doesn't actually exist

It's just a term we use to dismiss ideas that make us uncomfortable.

Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy | Moira Weigel

Three weeks ago, around a quarter of the American population elected a demagogue with no prior experience in public service to the presidency. In the eyes of many of his supporters, this lack of preparation was not a liability, but a strength.


Pete Seeger Interview: How Can I Keep from Singing?

Pete Seeger passed away on Jan. 28 at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at the age of 94. His wife, Toshi Seeger, passed away last July. Pete was known around the world for his performance of the music of ordinary people, and for his passion for their concerns, especially labor struggles, the fight against war, civil rights, and cleaning up the Hudson River.

"Frog and Toad": An Amphibious Celebration of Same-Sex Love - The New Yorker

On a cool autumn day, a frog and a toad awake in their separate houses to find that their yards are filled with fallen leaves. The frog and toad (conveniently named Frog and Toad) see each other every day, and are particularly synchronized: rather than clean his own yard, each decides to go to the other's house to rake up the leaves there as a kind surprise for his friend.