(2018/05) – Data Mining Dylan – Used Python to scrape/process Bob Dylan lyrics, counting references to places. Used JavaScript (Leaflet.js, Vue.js) to create interactive map / web app. Presented work at “Day of Digital Humanities 2018” conference at Carleton.

(2018/05) – Carleton Bioinformatics Website – Developed workflow for Carleton bioinformatics professor to write and share lab protocols using Markdown, Sphinx, ReadTheDocs.

(2018/03) – Energy Analytics Dashboard – For senior “thesis” project, helped create novel tools for Carleton staff to monitor and manage energy usage on campus, culminating in Python/Flask dashboard, backed by LAMP database/API.

(2017/09) – Power System Simulation Toolbox – While interning at NREL, helped develop open-source, Python-based tool for power grid modeling and optimization research. Gained skills in OOP, Git.

(2017/03) РDNA Encoder РA just-for-fun Python web app I made to encode messages as DNA.