Privacy Policy

  • I use the open-source analytics tool Matomo (formerly Piwik) to collect some data for this site including: how many visitors come here, what country they come from, what platform they’re using, and which pages they visit.
  • I use Matomo instead of competitors like Google Analytics because I think it better protects the privacy of my visitors. Google Analytics is free and very easy to use, but it gives Google access to all the same information I get access to. The concern is that when many sites use Google Analytics, the company is gains a lot of power to track users around and gather lots of information about how they browse.
  • Matomo is free, open-source software which you install on your own personal server, and which stores all the data on your personal server. Thus, the data I collect is only for me, and doesn’t get shared/used by Motomo or Google or anyone else.

To learn more about what Motomo does, read their privacy policy here.

Motomo respects your browser settings regarding tracking. You can view your status below: